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This  watch collection comes as a shock by reminding us the importance of the special moments we live.

Life is not about seconds passing by, neither about smart phones ringing constantly in an over connected society. Life is an experience we should witness.

Why not then try to escape from this obsession of time and cherish the moments in a stylish mood?

And this is the adventure that this visually reduced and calming watch line suggests: boldness and uniqueness!


The fashion house Kulte was founded in Marseille in 1998. It was created by a team of artists who was in love with the city’s colors and flavors.

Nowadays they design retro-chic pieces, inspired by the sixties but coming straight from today’s fashion trends, graphic patterns and music rhythms.
Now it’s time for watches to take part of this astonishing land. Kulte original designs and elegant colors celebrate a new lifestyle.

Woodstock, rock’n’roll music and summer holidays are what Kulte watches let us feel - free. With just a single hand on the dial, we are expected to read minutes five by five because it’s how a self-confident attitude towards time should be.